Secretly Poisoned And Almost Died


【Secretly Poisoned And Almost Died】
In modern day China, whenever the CCP
celebrates July 1, the day the CCP was founded,
October 1, the National Day of the PRC, or on other important meetings of the CCP or sensitive dates like when international conferences were held,
in the name of maintaining stability, the CCP will designate a predefined list to persecute Falun Gong practitioners who practice truthfulness, compassion and forbearance and implement harassment, kidnapping and illegal detention

In September 2002,
the CCP was going to hold a meeting and I was taken away from home

Beating is a Common Method to Transform Falun Gong Practitioners
In the 20 days when I was illegally detained every morning when the iron gate opened they started beating me
The next day the same beating occurred, and it continued for 20 days
That day when I went back to my cell
There were about 20 practitioners detained there
They all fell asleep
When they saw me coming in, they all stood up
They all cried at that moment
Later on they told me
My face was hit and swollen as big as a face basin

Poisoned in Secret
One day morning after having breakfast
Two people came to transform me
They did not talk to me for long I then fell asleep
When I opened up my eyes it was dark already I did not know for how long I had slept–a day or a few days
Ms. Yu Jing was about 30 years old then
She had never encountered this situation before
Soon she found out that she was poisoned in secret
One day I was sweating all over my head and trembling. The forensic doctor came to me for a checkup and said if I was not taken to hospital at that time, it would be too late
When I was taken to hospital and did a checkup
The doctor said it was a very serious coronary heart disease
If I arrived here 10 minutes late I would be dead
Later I had the recurring symptom
The labor camp then released me
After I got home, my body recovered after doing the exercises

One Person Practices and the Whole Family Benefits
In tribulation, through Fa study and exercises
Yu Jing’s body soon recovered
Her daughter did well in school and attended a good university and got an enviable good job
Yu Jing said that practicing Falun Gong brings blessings to her family
Many people think I can’t live anymore
Taking a child with me alone and got arrested and expelled from workplace How to live through those days
I saw my child was doing so well in school That’s so good
That’s so good, And my parents
They have seen me being persecuted so badly
Yet I had no medication, no injection, and was not even admitted to the hospital
I became so healthy through cultivation
Gradually and constantly
They all changed their views about Dafa
My mother is 93 years old now My father is over 90 years old now
They both live a very happy and fulfilling life and know that Falun Dafa is good
I’m the one who practices in my family, and the whole family benefits.
I would like to tell the people in the world through this opportunity that Falun Dafa is good.
I hope the people in the world will choose justice

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