Jiang Mianheng, Son of Jiang Zemin had 3 Kidney Transplants. A Total of 5 People Were Killed for Him


The insider story of how the Communist Officials extended their lives by transplanting others organs:
After his father Jiang Zemin seized upon the power in the Communist Party
Jiang Mianheng mastered his father's skills in corruption
He became the No. 1 corrupted official in China

Many media reported that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer
Including “Outpost” magazine in Hong Kong and oversea “People's Daily”

According to Wiki-leaks, professor Gu in Nanjing University revealed that
Jiang Mianheng had at least two surgeries for his kidney cancer

Guo Wengui, a wealthy businessman who fled from China
Revealed a secret why some Chinese senior officials are
able to live despite having a terminal illness

They extended their lives by having organ transplants!
“Organ harvesting on demand!”

Guo exposed: Jiang Mianheng had three kidney
transplanting surgeries, killing a total of five people!

Meng Jianzhu, a member of the Central Political Committee
promoted single-handed by Jiang Zemin
His mother had liver as well as kidney transplants!
His wife had kidney transplants twice!

In order to find healthy, living donors
Meng's confidant Sun Lijun vigorously searched
Did not even care if they killed the wrong one

Founder Group former chairman Li You
In order to obtain a healthy liver for his transplant ten people were selected….

Guo Wengui:
There are more, you might not believe…
Guo Wengui recording
“Why are some senior officials still alive after they were diagnosed with cancer?
Why are their children still alive despite a terminal illness?
Why did they kill seven people for a set of compatible kidneys in Nanjing?
In the end, that person lived twenty years longer!
How did they do it? Organ harvesting!It is real!
Why is Li You still alive? He had liver cancer for ten years!
He had liver transplants, two to three times!”
Recently, there was a dialogue between a member of
the National Security Committee and a second generation Party Official
It revealed that most of the senior officials have profits of over hundreds of billions or even trillions!

They not only want to live forever,
They also want to replace their organs for healthy ones!
The largest resources in China is population,
1.4 billion people is their abundant donor database

Many signs indicated:
In order to serve the elite class in China
Organ harvesting has become a national industry

According to “Investigation International” report:
There are large warehouses of live organ donors in China
Vast majority of them are Falun Gong practitioners,
and others from Tibet, Uighur, house Christians…

Organ harvesting was initiated by Jiang Zemin
It is carried out by the Chinese Communist regimen from a national level down

Each level of government, military, armed-police,
Judiciary and medical system are all involved in it
They secretly kill and harvest organs from citizens
in order to serve the elite members of the Communist class

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