How’re Taiwan Anti-epidemic measures without Lock-down?


Taiwan’s response to the pandemic, ranks amongst the best in the world.
Although some are infected and some have died, and the public are reminded to wear masks and maintain social distance, Taiwan’s infections and deaths from the virus are so low it has caught the world’s attention.
Remarkably, the country was not locked down, and avoided adverse effects to its economy and people’s lives.

In Taiwan, schools conduct classes as normal, but prioritize safeguarding the health and safety of students. If an outbreak occurs, depending on the situation, the class or school will be temporarily suspended and lessons
conducted by video instead.

There are no restrictions on outdoor trips, sports, exercises, and holiday travel.
The public are just reminded to be responsible in protecting themselves and others, to wear masks and keep a safe social distance.

Factories are not closed and received even more orders instead.
Especially orders for medical products and equipment, such as masks and protective clothing.

Public performances must follow epidemic prevention guidelines, but
if they are cancelled, the company can apply to the government for reimbursement.

Tourism, food, and recreational businesses affected by epidemic prevention measures such as social distancing may also apply for grants.

With the Wuhan virus raging around the world, for Taiwan to emerge almost untouched, this is not a lucky roll of the dice. It is due to the effort of the Taiwan people. What did the Taiwanese do?

Looking at the 2020 presidential election in Taiwan, polls show the most influential factor was actually Hong Kong’s anti-extradition movement.

During the anti-extradition movement, HK’s youth stood up to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP); in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election, young people rushed back home from school just to vote for the anti-CCP
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).
The DPP’s resounding victory in the election in turn inspired the people of HK to continue resisting the CCP.

Experts said the result of Taiwan’s presidential election showed the
people of Taiwan clearly rejected the CCP.

During this epidemic, Taiwan is under the leadership of the “anti-communist, not anti-Chinese” DPP.
The government did not panic and responded promptly. It was open, transparent and timely in its updates.
The people cooperated with the preventive measures, and together, they achieved remarkable success.
With its “anti-communist, not anti-China” stance, the Taiwanese government did not pander or kowtow to the CCP and the people’s rejection of the CCP is unambiguous.

Taiwan’s clear rejection of the CCP strengthened its righteous spirit and served as the cornerstone for its successful pandemic response.

In the West, tempted with substantial economic benefits, politicians and businessmen in some countries have completely forgotten the perils of
associating with communists, as shown by history.
As a proverb goes: one who is near ink is stained black.

Caught unawares by the virus, believing what the CCP tells them
and the propaganda by pro-CCP Western media, many countries end up
replicating the “CCP experience” in essence, even if the outward appearance may differ.
Despite putting in much effort and abundant resources, following the CCP’s
playbook has yielded paltry results.

During the epidemic, Taiwan didn’t implement lockdown, while many countries saw lockdown as one of their primary measures to combat the epidemic.
Locking down the country has severely damaged the economy and impacted people’s lives, similar to how the CCP locked down China.

The CCP’s lockdown does not respect human rights, while the lockdown in the US and other countries consider human rights and personal freedom.
During the epidemic, Taiwan didn’t institute lockdown, but it took decisive action against the CCP.
Right at the start of the outbreak, among the measures taken by the government, one stood out: to prohibit entry to Taiwan from many areas of mainland China.

The Taiwanese government and people’s clear stance on being “anti-communist, not anti-Chinese” is the underlying reason behind Taiwan’s success in resisting the CCP virus.
If other nations are able to recognize this, decisively cut off their ties with the CCP and shake off its influence and infiltration, then take another look at their epidemic prevention effort, perhaps they will see a miraculous reversal.

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