How did Spain’s Opposition Party Leader Recover from the Virus?


On April 17th, Spain’s third-largest party, VOX, proposed a resolution in the European parliament, requesting for an independent international investigation be conducted into how the coronavirus started and the relationship between the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
This resolution aimed to hold the CCP
accountable for the global pandemic.

Recently, VOX has made many public comments
regarding the coronavirus (aka CCP virus). In March,the president and leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, secretary-general Javier Ortega Smith, and
secretary Macarena Olona, member of the Congress of Deputies, were infected by the CCP virus.
But miraculously, shortly after they publicly denounced the CCP, all three tested negative for the virus.

On April 17th, at an EU meeting, VOX proposed a resolution calling for an international investigation into the Chinese communist regime.
The resolution emphasized that the EU must demand the CCP disclose the truth of the epidemic, including when the outbreak started and the true figures for infected cases and deaths.

It also called on the EU to investigate the relationship between the WHO and the CCP, why official statements from the WHO often parrot the CCP’s talking points and propaganda.
It emphasized the necessity of reforming the WHO and strengthening its independence, and asked the EU investigate the origin of the virus and the culpability of the communist regime in how it handled the outbreak.
The resolution also emphasized authoritarian countries could use this crisis to intensity its overseas propaganda and operations against neighbouring countries, the EU and its member states, and suppress dissent and human rights activists within its borders.

Jorge Buxadé, the spokesperson for VOX, is a member of the European parliament and the vice president of VOX Political Action.
He tweeted the contents of the resolution that VOX proposed.
During Spain’s parliament session, VOX also proposed to investigate the CCP.

On April 9th, before the Spanish Congress, VOX party leader Abascal said,
Spain’s present government is starting to follow WHO’s instructions, maybe because WHO has been bought over by the CCP.

On March 12th, Abascal was diagnosed with the CCP virus, but he later tested negative on March 19th.
His virus symptoms had disappeared.

VOX’s secretary-general, Javier Ortega Smith, tested positive for the virus on March 10.
On Twitter, he said, while he was quarantined at home he was “recharging” his body, charging up his “Spanish antibodies” so that they could fight off the “damn Chinese (CCP) virus.”

On April 14th, Smith tweeted, after more than a month of strict home quarantine, he finally tested negative for the virus.
Spain’s ruling party is pro-CCP.

Spain’s current Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, is the secretary-general of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party.
The party believes in communism.

Four months after Sánchez become Prime Minister, he signed a joint statement with the CCP affirming their “strategic partnership.”
Spain would participate in “Belt and Road”
projects and actively promote cooperation between Spanish and Chinese enterprises.

The CCP virus has devastated Spain.
The number of infections currently exceeds 200,000.
In Europe, Spain has become the country with the most infections.
The death toll has exceeded 20,000.
Three close relatives of the Prime Minister — his
wife, mother and father-in-law — have tested positive for the virus.

The “Red Princess” of Spain, Princess María Teresa de Borbón y Parma, was also infected by the virus.
She passed away on March 26th.
She is the first royalty in the world to die from the virus.

On April 13, in an interview on Spanish media TVE, VOX secretary and MP Macarena Olona, said democracy in Spain was in peril.
It was bleeding to death.
This was not caused by the coronavirus, it was caused by Spain’s communist government.

Because the CCP has brought Spain two things:
the plague of the 21st century, and an environment conducive for communism to flourish.

Olona is a state attorney.
She was a VOX member of parliament, and contracted the CCP virus on March 12.
She recovered shortly after, and the quarantine was lifted.
Now she is back working in parliament.

Apparently, declaring that you are against the CCP is the best prescription for the epidemic!

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