Consequences of Turning a Blind Eye?


On April 26, 2020, an interview with David Matas, a famous Canadian human rights lawyer was published. He said,
People are bearing the consequences of turning a blind eye to the organ harvesting crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
He said: “If the rest of the world had been more aggressive in combating all this misrepresentation and cover-up and denial and counter factual narrative (by the CCP) …
“if the global system had insisted on transparency and accountability in dealing with organ transplant abuse;
“and if China had [faced] global pressure for transparency and accountability in its health system in dealing with organ transplant abuse, we wouldn’t have this coronavirus now.”

David Matas believed that the CCP was only concerned with its own political image. As it continued to cover up the truth, the problem has continued to spread and worsen. It was the same for organ harvesting, and during the SARS outbreak.

Matas believed the way the CCP handled the pandemic when it first started and how it spread was “just typical Chinese communist behavior.”
He said Taiwan is a great example of how the virus has been successfully handled. “If we had the same distrust of the CCP as the Taiwanese government does … we would be a lot better off globally than we are now.
“The Taiwanese know the CCP better than anybody, and we should be following their lead.”

Matas said, “We’re dealing with a geopolitical power, an economically powerful, politically powerful [entity]… it’s throwing its weight around globally to propagandize, to pressure, to intimidate, using economic and political leverage to cover up, deny, obfuscate, and present a counter factual narrative.”
“For far too many people around the world, it’s just been politically and economically convenient to go along.”
Matas believed the lesson here is people shouldn’t tolerate and ignore human rights violations.
“There may have been a tendency to think we can ignore organ transplant abuse in China because it’s happening only in China, and it’s not happening to us in Canada and the U.S. … but the coronavirus is an answer to that.”

He said, “One can assume the Chinese Communist Party did not intend to cause the spread of the coronavirus, but what they have been actively engaged in is willful blindness. And I would say that the rest of the world also has joined them … And we are now all suffering its consequence.”
He welcomed the “Justice for Victims of COVID-19 Act” introduced by U.S. Senator Josh Hawley. “Part of criminal culpability is willful blindness.”

During the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi doctors, they said they didn’t know what was going on. But the court “still sentenced some of them to death, based on this doctrine of willful blindness.” They could have found out, but they didn’t bother to look.
He believed this was the same for the coronavirus, the CCP’s willful blindness leads to culpability, potential international criminal culpability.

Matas said, “Canada, the US, and many countries have universal jurisdiction legislation which allows for prosecution for crimes against humanity, for anybody of any nationality, as long as they show up in the country.”
He said that Canada and other countries have laws stipulating that states that sponsor terrorist acts do not enjoy sovereign immunity.
He believed China could be designated as engaging in state-sponsored terrorism. The CCP’s willful blindness when the virus started spreading, and even after it has spread across the world, has “caused widespread fear and … terror.”

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