Is this for real? Does the virus have eyes? (1)


Ancient Chinese medicine also offers us guidance.
Ancient Chinese physicians believe:
plagues arise because evil energy has invaded the body, it can be overcome by strong, positive energy.

According to the “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine · Su Wen · Tangfa Theory”
“When the body contains positive, righteous energy, evil (energy) can’t invade it.”
Whether one falls sick, whether one’s sickness worsens, depends mainly on the positive energy within one’s body.

If one’s body is full of positive energy, the negative energy of the sickness won’t be able to enter one’s body, and vice versa.

Once one joins the CCP, or accepts the lies of the Communist Party, one receives and gets infected by the CCP’s evil, negative energy, thus becoming an attractive target for the CCP virus.

We see modern-day biologists and ancient Chinese medicine share the same understanding.

This is why CCP members, and those allied to it, end up as key targets of the CCP virus.

If you don’t wish to be an attractive host for the CCP virus, it actually boils down to what you think, it’s that simple.

As long as you sincerely distance yourself from the CCP, reject the CCP, and quit its affiliated organisations, you will be safe through this crisis.

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