The Great Plague Mentioned in the Ancient Prophecies of China and the West


The recent 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a pneumonia-like illness that began in Wuhan, China.
The virus is spreading at an explosive rate, and has shown human-to-human transmission.

Chinese authorities have ordered a lockdown of Wuhan. But 2019-nCoV is becoming an increasingly dire threat to the entire nation.

Every year, the world we live in witnesses many conflicts and disasters: war, drought, flooding, wildfire, and pandemics, etc. Of all these disasters, the devastation caused by pandemics to human life is unparalleled.

A pandemic is a disease that spreads across a wide geographic region.

Famous prophecies that have been passed down in China and the West include:

Tui Bei Tu (by Li Chun-feng and Yuan Tian-gang during the Tang Dynasty),

The Plum Blossom Poem (by Shao Yong during the Song Dynasty),

Ma Qian Ke (by Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period),

The Pancake Poem (by Liu Bo-wen during the Ming Dynasty),

The Book of Revelations in the Bible, and Les Prophéties (by Nostradamus), etc.

These prophecies are warnings to humankind.

Both Notes by Ge An (a Korean prophecy) and Liu Bo-wen’s prophecies explicitly said that a great plague will devastate humankind.

Notes by Ge An describes a pandemic as:

“ ‘Six corners’ – No sign of birds across a thousand mountains, ‘Eight men’ – No trace of people on ten thousand roads.”

“Six corners” allude to “heaven”, (the Chinese character for “heaven” has six corners)

“Eight men” refers to the character “fire”.

“Heavenly fire” means “pandemic” in ancient writings.

This prophecy means when the great plague befalls humankind, you will not see a single bird in a thousand mountains, and the roads will be empty of people.

There is a Ming Dynasty prophetic poem called the Inscription of Liu Bo-wen. The prophecy foretells a great pandemic in the future:

“Out of ten thousand poor people, a thousand will be left, Out of ten thousand rich people, only a two or three will survive, if people don’t repent and change their wicked ways, their deaths will be imminent. Lands will be barren without crops and grains, In the four directions, there will be no trace of man. If you wonder when the pandemic will hit, It will come in the ninth and tenth lunar month.Those who do good deeds will live, those who commit evil deeds will perish. In the world there are people doing great good by warning people of this, what a shame that those who ignore this will perish in this crisis.”

This prophecy clearly states that only people who do good deeds will avoid this calamity.

The prophecy goes on to say:

“In addition, there will be ten sorrowful scenes.
First, there will be chaos in society.
Second, people will die from famine.
Third, Hubei, Hunan, Guangzhou provinces will be hit by calamity.
Fourth, fighting will break out in the provinces.
Fifth, people will not be able to live in peace.
Sixth, a pandemic will hit in September and October.
Seventh, nobody will be left to finish the food (i.e. many people will die).
Eighth, those who survive will have no clothes to wear.
Nineth, dead bodies will be left lying with no one to collect them.
Tenth, the Year of the Pig and the Year of the Rat will be tough for all.”

Now, the 2019-nCoV virus isspreading rapidly through Wuhan. After it was locked down, another seven cities in Hubei have followed suit.As of today (24 Feb), at least 15 cities in China have been locked down. This seems to be fulfilling the third scene in the prophecy: “Hubei, Hunan, Guangzhou provinces will be hit by calamity”

Last year was the Year of the Pig, and China was beset with a nationwide swine flu epidemic. This year is the Year of the Rat, and we have already seen a pneumonic plague and the 2019-nCoV pandemic. This corresponds to the line in prophecy: “the Year of the Pig and the Year of the Rat will be tough for all.”

The accuracy of this prophecy is chilling.

In the Tombstone Inscription of Jinling Pagoda, Liu Bo-wen again described scenes when pandemics and disasters devastate humankind:

When one’s parents die, it is hard just to bury them. Their bodies are carried by their children and grandchildren. All living beings will suffer in this tribulation,
including even worms and ants. Thriving cities submerged under the sea, towering skyscrapers turned into debris and mud.

Modern science believes that the spread of diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses.

However, empirical science is unable to prove the link between one’s morality and illnesses.

But looking back on the history of human civilization,

we see that pandemics, floods, earthquakes, and other large-scale natural disasters have been pivotal in triggering great changes in human society, such as the rise and fall of China’s many dynasties, and the decline of the Roman Empire.

Many pandemics have occurred over the course of China’s history, and many are related to the change of dynasties.

The end of each dynasty showed common patterns:

the ruling class was corrupt and immoral, natural and man-made disasters occurred without pause, such as floods and earthquakes, and uprisings by starving people were seen everywhere.

Society as a whole was in great turmoil.

In the end, many people died from pandemics, floods or warfare, and that marked the end of one dynasty and the beginning of the next.

The transition between dynasties in China almost always happened like this.

As for the Roman Empire, it was hit by four pandemics during its persecution of Christians.

These were described in detail in the Lives of the Saints.

The first pandemic that hit the Roman Empire wiped out a third of its population. In its capital, Constantinople, more than half of its population perished.

When the Roman Empire continued its persecution of Christians, pandemics continued to occur, one after another.

The powerful Roman Empire eventually collapsed after it was devastated by four pandemics.

Christianity, on the other hand, not only survived, it thrived and has spread all over the world.

The Black Death wiped out half the population of the Roman Empire under the tyrant Nero.

During the plague, some tried all measures to avoid being infected, but they failed and perished.

Yet some of their surviving kin who lay sobbing over their bodies and wished to join their loved ones in death, did not get infected despite such close contact.

Does this mean pandemics target only certain people?

If we look at how the Chinese Communist Party has, over the years, persecuted Falun Gong, House Christians, and the people in Tibet and Xinjiang, the CCP’s crimes are even more egregious than what the Roman Empire did to the Christians.

Today, we see that many epidemics and pandemics originate in China before spreading to the rest of the world.

Some may wonder: why are most major pandemics linked to China? Are these the plagues foretold in prophecies?

On the surface, pandemics are linked to China’s widespread destruction of the natural environment, substance abuse, and even abuse of restricted and controlled drugs.

But ultimately, they are inextricably linked to the widespread disintegration of morality in society and the destruction of spiritual faith and belief.

In fact, frequent natural and man-made disasters are warnings to humankind from Heaven.

Be it SARS, the avian flu, the pneumonic plague, the 2019-nCoV virus, or any other kind of pandemic or natural disaster, it is only a matter of time before a great calamity will befall humankind.

Ancient prophecies like these have stood the test of time and have been repeatedly validated over history.

Prophets from ancient times were almost always great sages or advanced spiritual cultivators.

They left behind accurate prophecies as arranged by Heaven

These prophecies serve as important warnings to good people, to remind people that at critical junctures in history, on issues of great evil or good, they have to decide where they stand.

Only by making the right decision will one avoid calamities and have a bright future!

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