A famous doctor, or an executioner?


According to the media in China,Xia Suisheng graduated from Tongji medical college in the 1950s. He was part of the first batch of doctors trained after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power.
Xia died on April 16, 2019. The media in China published headlines like “How sad! Another giant star has fallen,” in articles reporting on his life’s story.
Dr. Wang Zhiyuan, the spokesperson for the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) said that although Xia Suisheng has died, the jury is still out on his deeds, which WOIPFG is investigating.
Murdering a healthy and kind person in order to save a dying patient, doing such deeds, whether viewed from a moral or human rights perspective, makes the doctor an accomplice to murder.

According to Wang, WOIPFG’s investigation found that the doctors and nurses of Tongji explicitly acknowledged that they use organs of Falun Gong practitioners.

Recording of a phone conversation with Wuhan Tongji Hospital
Q: Is this Wuhan Tongji Hospital?
A: Ah, yes
Q: Is this the urology department? I need a kidney transplant
A: That’s right, kidney transplants, yes (we do that)
Q: When did you start doing so many kidney transplants?
A: We were the earliest (to start), we started very early.
Q: How many transplants a year?
A: Our hospital is the one that does the most. Our department is the one that does the most in Hubei province, there are many donors, so we do a lot.
Q: From the perspective of patients, we hope to get kidneys from living donors, from living prisoners, such as living Falun Gong prisoners. Can this be done?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you guarantee that there will be enough living prisoners, like Falun Gong prisoners, on your end?
A: Correct. Yes, you can come and talk to us directly about this.

In his early years, Xia Suisheng did operations involving the removal of part (or all) of the kidney. However, he found that it has limitations. So he started experimenting with liver transplantation, starting with mammals (dogs). On December 30, 1977, Xia performed a liver transplantation operation for a female patient with advanced liver cancer.
Soon after, he did the same operation for another patient. The patient lived for 264 days. That was considered the start of human organ transplantation in China.
In 1985, Xia became the director of the Organ Transplant Institute. He established six laboratories, which focused on the transplantation of liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen and cells. In 1986, the institute become a key part of the Ministry of Health.

Before long, transplantation was promoted to become a key discipline and the institute was listed as a key laboratory by the State Education Commission. However, Huang Jiefu, the CCP’s former Vice-Minister of Health told the media, taking liver transplantation as an example, from 1977 to 1983, due to backward technology and lack of collaboration with foreign countries, only around 58 liver transplants were performed across the whole of China. The vast majority of patients died within three months. After that, liver transplantation in China ceased for 10 years.

Since 1999,the number of annual transplant operations in China was over ten thousand. In China, the law does not recognize brain death, and not many relatives or friends donate organs, so where do transplanted organs come from?
The CCP has so far been unable to explain the source of the organs. After forced organ harvesting was first exposed to the public in 2006, the CCP publicly admitted to using the organs of executed prisoners.

For college students in their 20s, it’s going to be 50 to 60 years before their organs will be available. And there are also those who die in car accidents or diseases. Going by international standards, the number of people who can provide organs is about seven per thousand per year. Among them, the number of organs that can be used is 1% to 2%.
Wang said seven thousandths of 1,188,408 is 8318. After multiplying it with 1% to 2%, the number of actual donors per year should be 80-160. If only one to two hundred people provide organs, when you are having 10,000 transplant operations per year, where do the rest of the organs come from? The CCP’s organ donation data is an obviously false.
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