Once Alive, Now Dead


“When I went there for my transplant surgery,I didn’t know the donor would be killed.”
Tu Xiu-song, a Taiwanese patient said tearfully in “Harvested Alive”, a documentary on forced organ harvesting in China.
On June 17, 2019,An independent tribunal in London announced its final judgement:
“Forced organ harvesting has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale and that Falun Gong practitioners have been one –and probably the main –source of organ supply,” and the practice continues till today.
This conclusion reached by the China Tribunal shocked many. Numerous mainstream media in the West reported on their findings.

Dr. Jacob Lavee is a renowned heart transplant surgeon in Israel.
He shared what he came across in 2005:
“I was approached one day by a patient of mine with an unusual message. … He reported to me he was fed up with the endless wait for a suitable heart donor and was told by his medical insurance company to go to China in two weeks’ time as he was scheduled to undergo heart transplantation on a specific date. ”
Dr. Lavee knew what this implied.
Allowing heart transplant operations to be scheduled in advance meant that hearts are available on demand. In other words, forced organ harvesting was involved.
Dr. Lavee thus led the effort in drafting Israel’s Organ Transplant Law. The Law came into effect in 2008, prohibiting transplant tourism from Israel, and bans any reimbursement of organ transplantation performed abroad if it involved illegal organ procurement or organ trade.
Dr. Lavee served as the President of the Israel Society of Transplantation. He is also the Associate Professor of Surgery at Tel Aviv University.
Israel’s Organ Transplant Law has had a big impact in reducing transplant tourism in Israel. Spain, Norway, Taiwan and Italy have passed similar laws.

Hokamura Kenichiro is a transplant patient from Japan.
He was shocked by how easy it is to get organ transplants in China. Ten days after he contacted his Japanese broker in China, Kenichiro was lying on an operating table in a Shanghai hospital,
receiving his new kidney. “It was so fast I am scared.” He paid USD$80,000 for the kidney.
Ref: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/communit…

Korea’s Chosen TV aired a documentary in 2017 called “Killing to Live”. According to the documentary, since 2000, three thousand Koreans travel to China every year for organ transplant surgery. The focus of this investigative documentary was Tianjin First Central Hospital Organ Transplant Center. The hospital guaranteed the organs were sourced from “healthy and young donors”.
“Getting organs is very easy in China. I don’t know where the organs come from. But it only takes two hours for us to get fresh organs.” A senior nurse at the hospital told the documentary producer. She said a liver cost USD$130,000.

“Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter: An Update”is an investigative report on China’s organ transplant industry, authored by David Kilgour, David Matas, and Ethan Gutmann.
The report analyzed China’s organ tourism in detail.
Gutmann is an American award-winning China analyst and human rights investigator;
David Matas is an internationally renowned lawyer and human rights activist, and David Kilgour formerly served as the Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) in the Canadian government.
David Matas and David Kilgour released their report “Bloody Harvest”in 2006, and Ethan Gutmann’s book, “The Slaughter”, was published in 2014. Their work show that Falun Gong practitioners
imprisoned for their belief constitute the majority of religious and political prisoners who have fallen victims to forced organ harvesting. In other words, they were killed for their organs. Once they were alive, now they are dead.

The independent tribunal called on governments worldwide to act and put a stop to the CCP’s forced organ harvesting.
The U.S. State Department has recently stepped up its scrutiny of individuals who have severely violated human rights and religious freedom. It advised Falun Gong practitioners they could submit a list of Chinese officials known to be involved in the persecution. This could see the United States denying immigrant and non-immigrant visas to these violators, while those who already have been granted visas (including “green card” permanent visas) could be denied entry into the United States.
Renowned human rights lawyer David Matas called on individuals around the world to take immediate action to stop the “spreading stain” of these human rights violations.

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