The shocking reason why the CCP is actively pursuing development in heart-lung machines!


Earlier, Korean media revealed that the CCP uses brainstem impactors to artificially induce brain death to facilitate live organ harvesting.
Recently, a former U.S. government official revealed that the CCP uses heart-lung machines for live organ harvesting, to help harvest all organs from the person and thus maximize profit.
The annual value of this industry is at least $10 billion.

On June 24th, China expert Steven W. Mosher, the president of the Population Research Institute, an American NGO, was interviewed by The Epoch Times as part of its series called “American Thought Leaders.”
When it comes to organ harvesting,
Mosher believed that the CCP is motivated by the huge profits involved. It harvests organs from people while they are still alive, killing them without batting an eye. It does this on a massive scale.

Mosher said in order to maximize profit, the CCP went into ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) in a big way. ECMO (heart-lung) machines are used to extract venous (deoxygenated) blood, oxygenate it, then pump it back into the body as arterial (oxygenated) blood.
Mosher said the CCP would first put the victims on the machine before harvesting the desired organ. The machine helps keep the other organs fresh so that they could be harvested at a late time. The other organs to be harvested may be the kidneys, lung, liver, heart, etc.
Before this technology was introduced,
usually only one organ could be harvested successfully,
because a few minutes later, the cells would begin to die,
and the other organs would no longer be usable.
Mosher said: (use recorded voice: “And the worst part of it is this: They can actually put a balloon catheter in the carotid arteries going to your brain and block the blood flow to your brain, while they keep the blood flowing to your organs. So they kill the brain at the same time that they keep blood flowing to the organs and can harvest them one by one. So they’re able to make not just $150,000 off a single killing. Now they can make $750,000 off a killing because they’re harvesting both kidneys, both lungs, the heart, the liver.

Reporter: It’s hard to fathom and hard to consume.
The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t think of human beings as individuals at all. It in fact refers to them as the masses. And any way the masses can serve the Party, the masses should serve the Party, including providing, say, hearts and livers and lungs and kidneys for senior Communist Party officials who may need a heart or a liver or lung or kidney.
Mosher believes that in China, the original intent of organ transplantation was to prolong the lives of CCP leaders by replacing their aging organs with fresh, young ones.
After all, they have absolute control over all resources in China, including all Chinese people.
In the 60s, senior CCP officials received blood transfusions from young people to prolong their lives, and it worked.
That was on a small scale, compared to the massive scale of forced organ harvesting that the CCP is currently engaged in, which has increasingly drawn international attention and concern.
International human rights lawyer David Matas called for every individual to take action, “Human rights violations are a spreading stain. Unless we stop them before they get to us, we will become victims. If we wait for that, it will be too late. We must exercise human solidarity when there is still enough of us who are not victimized for that solidarity to matter.”