Korean Artist Paints Ten Spine-chilling Scenes She Saw in Hell


Me Kyeoung Lee, a Korean artist, is a devoted Christian. One evening in 2009, while she was praying, she saw Jesus Christ appear before her. Jesus said He would take her on a journey through Hell, and told her to paint what she saw there, so that the whole world would know.

“The Lord asked me to paint what Hell is like. I see humankind walking on the road to Hell in their ignorance. Hell is the ultimate destination for people after they die. It is a horrifying, torture-filled world. People only realize this after they fall into it!”

The artist followed Jesus Christ on a journey through Hell. In Hell, she witnessed terrifying scenes, scenes that felt all too real. After returning to the world of the living, she describes what she saw as follows:
Those people have passed away, but because their souls do not perish, based on what they did while they were alive, they were enduring various forms of torture in the abyss of Hell.

That was the most miserable and spine-chilling journey of my life. Following the Lord, I was crying for several hours.

Regardless of how successful or wealthy people were when they were alive, or whether they were celebrities, nobility or royalty, if they did not live a clean and pure life, they would go to Hell.

Regardless of the reason, people who choose to commit suicide hope to end their suffering once and for all. But after they take their lives, where they end up is the abyss of Hell. That is why I tell those who are alive, it is better to continue living and endure what befalls us, pray to God for salvation, and keep our hopes up.

Because what I saw in Hell were demons torturing people in extremely savage ways. I never want to recall those scenes again.

People in Hell still remember what their lives were like when they were alive, including who their loved ones were, and their own name. They retain their awareness and thoughts, and their bodily sensations are not diminished in the slightest.

Jesus gave me the ability to read their thoughts, what these people in Hell were thinking of. They were very worried that their family and friends would end up in Hell as well.

These are the ten scenes of Hell that the artist saw…
Group after group of people, pressed tightly together, massive in numbers and never-ending as they went past, they shrieked as they fell into flames nearly 10 meters in height amidst the flames, bodies could be seen everywhere, twisting and turning and screaming in pain as they were burnt.
A naked woman was covered in blood and wounds. Many snakes were frenziedly burrowing into her mouth, to devour her flesh and take over her body.
A demon forcefully split apart a man from his legs, ripping his bones apart. Amid horrifying wails, the man begged to be spared.
A demon poured boiling sulfur down the throat of a man. Powerless to resist, all he could do was to gulp it down.
There were countless prison cells in Hell with fire burning fiercely in them. Enormous venomous snakes curled inside; they tore and bit people for entertainment. The warden was a demon with a snake-like tongue. The prisoners were frightened and screamed in terror. It used a spear to piece their bodies. There was a woman whose body had been completely pierced through.
There were two Caucasian men, both very young. They had almost fallen straight to Hell from the cliff, but at the last moment they managed to grab hold of the cliff. One man grabbed the other.
Maggots large and small covered them, burrowing in and about their bodies, consuming them with large bites.
A woman’s body was completely covered with many, many black worms. The worms were entering her body through her mouth.
Many maggots were perched atop a woman’s head. Due to pain and itchiness, her body was covered with self-inflicted scratch wounds. Part of her skull was exposed. The maggots were consuming her in a frenzy.
There was a Caucasian man who had been very wealthy in life. Two demons pried his mouth wide open, while another demon shovelled burning sulfur and coal into his mouth. He was screaming in pain.
There was a man who had been in Hell for several decades. His entire body, including his eyes, were pierced with over a hundred million poisonous needles, like a cactus. He could not lie down to rest for even a second, suffering immense pain all over his body.

These are just scenes the artist painted.
The artist also saw the true state of humanity’s decline.

People today like watching movies, television or anime. But modern day entertainment and culture is saturated with excessive violence and sexual content. Adults and children alike are exposed to these evil poisons, and over time, they are tempted and eventually influenced by them. As a result, human souls have been severely polluted.

The revelation I received is that humanity should abide by a moral code of conduct, watch television programs that enrich the mind and body, listen to good music, teach children to distinguish between good and bad television programs, and particulate only in healthy recreational and cultural activities.

All these are measures necessary to forestall people from walking down the path towards Hell. A person’s behaviour arises from the person’s thoughts. When a person’s thoughts are grounded in traditional values and morality, whether the person shows that through his/her actions or not, that person will be a good person.

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