The reincarnation of former Sri Lankan president


Around January 18, 1999, major newspapers in Sri Lanka widely reported details of the former President, Premadasa’s reincarnation.

According to local newspapers, a 22-month-old boy born in Hanguranketa, a central village of Sri Lanka was identified as the reincarnation of the nation’s former President, Ranasinghe Premadasa.
President Premadasa was killed by a perdue in May 1993.

It’s reported that the boy was born in a farmer’s house. His parents named him Wijebahu. However, he claimed to be “Premadasa”.

The boy even took the family of Premadasa as his own family.
He gets up at 3 a.m. every day, holding
Buddhist rituals like the late president.

This little boy also mentioned that he was
killed by a man named Babu in his past life, and the murderer who assassinated President Premadasa is indeed a Hindu death quad member called Babu.

It was later verified that what he said
about his wife and children in the past life
is completely true.

Also, he stared at the head image on coins more than once and said that is him.

He recognized a lot of Premadasa’s colleagues who visited him and knows well with them.
When he was taken to the place where Premadasa was killed, the little boy cried sadly.

Such reincarnation appeared in almost every place of the world.

“The Cycle of Samsara” in the Buddhist scriptures tells that after people die, they must reincarnate in the six realms.
The realm of Gods and deities, the realm of human beings, the realm of Asuras, the realm of animals, the realm of hungry spirits, and the realm of Hell.
The destination of reincarnation is based on the person’s conduct in past lives.

People used to take it as superstition.

Through the investigation of reincarnation cases and the study of Near-Death Experiences, modern science has discovered that the phenomenon of reincarnation does exist. Death of people isn’t the end.

Many researchers have gone through the process from unbelief to shock to belief.

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