Chow Yun-fat Announced That He Will Donate All Of His Property of 5.6 Billion


Chow Yun-fat Announced That He Will Donate All Of His Property of 5.6 Billion

Chow Yun-fat Announced That He Will Donate All Of His Property of 5.6 Billion

Chow Yun-fat is a renowned actor in the Chinese film industry. He has many well-known movies, such as “Shanghai Bund”, “The Smiling Proud Wanderer”, “A Better Tomorrow”, “God of Gamblers”, etc.

He also was in Hollywood movies, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”.
Being a superstar, Chou has huge assets, but he is known for his cordial appearance and humble lifestyle.

He spends only 800 Hong Kong dollars per month as living expenses.
He commutes by public transportation, buys discounted clothes and supplies in the supermarket.

He wears comfortable and casual clothes. He often says.
“I don’t dress up for others. As long as I feel comfortable, it is enough.”
He had used an old Nokia phone for 17 years and wouldn’t buy a new smartphone until the old one was broke.

He said: “money is not the source of happiness.” “My dream is to be an ordinary happy person. The meaning of life is not how much money you earn,but how to keep the peace of mind and live a simple, carefree life.”

Chow married Chen Huilian in 1986. Chen was born in Singapore, she was formerly a policewoman. She also enjoys a simple life.

In 1991, Chen had a miscarriage which led to her depression for many years.
Chow decided not to have children so his wife would not have to suffer anymore.
They live happily together throughout the years.

A couple of years ago, they founded their own charity and became involved in volunteer work in their leisure time. “Money is not mine. I only keep it temporarily,” said Chow.
Chow is also well-known in mainland China.

During Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Movement” in 2014, He openly supporting them.
He issued a statement on the “Apple Daily”,“I have seen many brave residents and students. I am deeply moved to see they strive for the interests of the others as well as the nation. They have their concerns.
If the people in power can propose a plan that everyone agrees with, I believe this crisis will end…”

“The government uses violence to suppress students. This will anger the citizens in Hong Kong. I don’t want to see anyone hurt… This is a complete peaceful demonstration. There is no need to use force or pepper spray.”

After the statement was published, he was put on the “blacklist”and prohibited to film in mainland China.

Chow is rather content, “I’ll earn a bit less, so what!”
However, Chow is still ranked Number 1 for the most profitable star in Hong Kong.

Recently, many Chinese stars declared to support the “Nine-Segment Line” of the CCP’s new policy under the pressure of the Chinese government.
Chow keeps his silence to show opposition.