Twelve Important Things to Teach Your Children No Matter How Old They Are


Twelve Important Things to Teach Your Children No Matter How Old They Are

It’s never too late to teach these twelve things to your children!

Learn how to cook.It’s about taking care of yourself.
When loved ones are not at your side,–You will still thrive.

Learn how to drive. It’s about your freedom.
You are able to go anywhere, anytime,rely on yourself.

Get a higher education. It’s not about just getting a degree.

It’s about laying a foundation by nurturing books,and the carefree college life.
–When you leave school, you will be ready to face the world.

Do you know? The capacity of your heart is
measured by the distance of your journey.

Happiness comes from a compassionate heart.
Timeless books take you further on your journey.
–Broaden your horizon

If you have only two jugs of water,Quench your thirst with one jug, cleanse yourself with the other.—Keep your dignity at all times.

Don’t cry or complain,even if the sky were collapsing.
It would only hurt you and your loved ones,
–embrace whatever life has to offer.

Even when having a humble meal,remember to eat with gratitude.

A simple life is worth celebrating. –Keep your grace,
no matter what your circumstance is.

When you are on a journey,besides a camera, remember to take a pen and some paper.

Sceneries repeat year after year,but in the eyes of the beholder,it manifests in a thousand different ways, –it has everything to do with your mindset.

Everybody needs some space,Even if it’s very limited.
So when you need time to reflect,you don’t have to wander in the wild.

More importantly,When your heart feels unsettled,You have a place to find peace and calm.–Learn to depend on yourself.

When you are young learn knowledge;
When you grow old gain experience.
Only then will you live a full life. –Find your unique experiences.

Be a kind person At all times.
Remember,Heaven bestows blessing to kind people.
–Keep your compassion.

Confident, grace, light-hearted,–they are your greatest asset.

When you have them,You have it all.–Keep up a noble spirit.