Killer doctor Zheng Shusen was banned from submitting papers


Killer doctor Zheng Shusen was banned from submitting papers to the International Medical Journals for life

The murderers who participated in the massacre had the audacity to present the quantity and the results of their killing as a scientific research paper, soliciting awards and glory. How wild and insane is that! ! !
“Liver International”Maganzine published an official statement in 2017. It issued a lifelong ban to Zheng Shusen and Yan Sheng from submitting papers.Those two are organ transplant surgeons from Zhejiang University No. 1 Affiliated Hospital.

This statement is a stick warning to those killers in white coats who function as the CCP’s thugs. It is also the microcosm reflecting how the international community reacted to stop the CCP from forced organ harvesting.

Zheng Shusen and others presented a research paper regarding the 563 liver transplant cases theyperformed from April 2010 to October 2014.

According to their research paper,all the organs came from DCD donors.(Donor of Cardiac Death) The statement from the“Liver International”was based on a complaint letter.

The joint complainant letter came from Wendy Rogers, Professor of Clinical Ethics and her colleagues from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Professor Rogers said:”It is impossible to collect that many liver cases from Donors of Cardiac Death by one hospital in four years. Even with the donors of cardiac death,usually, only one-third of those cases have suitable livers for organ transplantation.”

Professor Rogers pointed out that American Liver Transplantation from DCD between 2012 to 2014 were respectively 32%, 28% and 27%. If the ratio was similar between America and China. Then a total of 1880 DCD were required in order to provide 563 liver transplants in Zhejiang Hospital.

Professor Rogers continued:”Related data indicated only 2326
voluntary organ donors were available in China between 2011 and 2014.”

“Zhejiang Hospital is only a regional hospital. It is impossible to get so many livers,unless those doctors can monopolize nearly 80% of the donated organs in China.”

Professor Rogers believes the only reasonable explanation is
those organs were from executed prisoners or live detainees. The Falun Gong practitioners who are persecuted by the CCP became forced organ donors.

“Liver International” required the author to provide further evidence of their organ source, also the official documentation from the author’s institution.They did not receive any reply from the author after the deadline of February 3.

The statement from “Liver International”reflects how the international community reacts to the CCP’s forced organ harvesting.

The historical Nuremberg”Nazi Doctors’ Trial” serves as a warning bell to Zheng Shusen and others who harvested organs from live detainees.

After World War II, there were 12 war crime trials held in Nuremberg, Germany. “Nazi Doctors’ Trial” was the very first trial. Led by the US authorities, 23 former Nazis medical practitioners stood trial, 22 of them were doctors.

They were accused of involvement in the Human experiments, as well as inhumane activities such as the T-4 action.
(mass murder through involuntary euthanasia)

The Court reached a verdict on August 20, 1947. Seven were sentenced to death,immediate execution by hanging.
Four were sentenced to life imprisonment.
Others were sentenced to 10 -20 years in prison.

Over the last ten years,those doctors who were involved in organ harvesting, many of them met their retributions:being investigated for corruption,deathly ill with terminal illnesses,committed suicide…Their doom serves as a warning bell for Zheng Shusen and the others.