A Sailor’s Life-Defining Moment


A Sailor’s Life-Defining Moment

He was a sailor for 14 years, traveled the world, and was full of life experiences; but the harsh working environment of the sea took a toll on his health.

Sanjiv Bhalla is 59 years old,and he was born in India.He worked as a sailor for 14 years, traveling the world; and gained many life experiences.

Life at sea was full of adventures and challenges. He once endured a typhoon in the South China Sea for 3 days. Every moment was a test of life and death.On another occasion, he survived a dangerous explosion while at a New York Harbor. Those experiences made him reflect on life.

The harsh working environment at sea took a toll on his health.
He had vertebrae dislocation twice, and suffered unbearable pain. He had to give up being a sailor and return to dry land. His back pain never left him. Modern medicine could only relieve the pain temporarily, but there was no cure. He tried physical therapy,yoga, tai chi, etc. But the results were limited.

One day he came across a group of people exercising in a park and someone told him, “This is Falun Dafa.” He felt the exercise movements were simple and easy to learn.

He also liked the casualness of the practice,people come and go as they please,with no rigid demands.

From that day on he came to exercise in the park daily.
“At the time I did not fully understand what Falun Dafa was,nor did I know what about cultivation.”
“I felt this practice was good,and I felt very comfortable after the exercises.”

He kept exercising like the others.The following year in 2010, a miracle happened.

When he was doing the second exercise, “Falun Standing Stance”, he suddenly felt a huge current of energy come through him.

He heard a loud cracking sound in his neck,immediately he felt a relief from neck tightness. After that, his neck pain disappeared completely. His back pain was also gone,he has not seen his doctor since then.

“I was amazed by the process.”

The benefits he experienced were not limited to his physical health, he stated that he had been searching for the meaning of life since childhood.

“When I read ‘Zhuan Falun’,I found my answer.”
The more I read the book, the clearer the answers.”

“I am very aware now,what kind of path I should walk on.”
“The teachings of Falun Dafa are simple yet profound—it gives me guidance.”

“My wife saw my changes and told me that I was good but now have improved, and am better.”

Her words moved me deeply, I will be fine from now on because cultivating in Dafa makes me more confident.

No matter how trying the circumstances,cultivators will be alright, it is an amazing feeling that is difficult to imagine for non-cultivators.