Trump’s Nine Major Strategies to Strike the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): (2) Economic War


Trump’s Nine Major Strategies to Strike the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): (2) Economic War

Strategy No. Two Economic War

The economic war is an auxiliary strategy for the trade war against th CCP,but it is a sharp sword at the throat of the Chinese authority and interest groups.
The economic war can be divided into two aspects.

On one hand, the U.S. strongly demands that the CCP to stop “stealing intellectual property rights”,“forced technology transfer”and other immoral economic development tricks,in order to protect American businesses, key technologies and core competitiveness.

In that case, the CCP’s highly expected“Made in China 2025” plan attempt to“curve overtake”will lose high-end technology sources.

China’s industrial upgrading will come to a complete standstill. What’s more, since the launch of the trade war, it accelerated the manufacturing’s withdrawal from China,casing the downturn of private consumption. China’s future economy may lose the main support point.

On the other hand, the U.S. promotes economy through tax reduction and deregulation within the country,trains quality labor force,creates a favorable environment for enterprise investment and development. Plus, Trump’s economic revitalization works. Employment is booming and wages are rising,private consumer confidence has reached a new high in 17 years.

Such a booming economic environment naturally forms a strong pull, attracting Chinese and foreign companies to invest and furthermore, boost American economy as well as the job market.


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