When Something Is Meant To Be


When Something Is Meant To Be

Lao Tzu said:“When one has no intention of fighting,No one will fight him.

A wise person knows when to retreat. They position their power at the most appropriate place.”

Lao Tzu advocated retreat, defense, swiftness, and gentleness.
One can be invincible only if one preserves oneself.
In this world, you won’t have an enemy if you don’t fight.
You won’t have distress and grievances if you don’t struggle.

A psychiatric research study showed that people with a competitive mentality tend to be prone to developing cardiac vascular diseases.

The more one competes with others, the more one will be depleted.

Lao Tzu said:“Water is the gentlest and softest of all,yet nothing can overcome it. Instead of struggling and fighting,it is so much better to perfect oneself.”

Lao Tzu believed a self-disciplined individual is most powerful.
When it is yours, you don’t have to fight to get it.

When it is not yours, you won’t have it even with a fight!
What does one actually gain in life? One gains knowledge and experiences. Fame, wealth, power and sentimentality, which one can you take away with you? Enjoy life, fulfill one’s duty, be mindful of others, return to one’s original nature.

Follow the course of nature, abide by the principles of the cosmos, one will be naturally blessed.