The Danish Police Violated Its Constitutional Law and the New Government Admitted The Mistake


The Danish Police Violated Its Constitutional Law and the New Government Admitted The Mistake and Made Compensation To The Victims.

Late but righteousness will prevail! A successful live version of the movie “Small Shrimp against Big Whales”!

A slow process since 2012 but righteousness will prevail! A successful live version of the movie “Small Shrimp against Big Whales”!

The “Danish Police´s Unconstitutional Case”, involving a large number of high position officials raised widespread public concern. The victims have received government compensation of 3,000 US dollars per person!

When the senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) visited Denmark from 2012 to 2013,Danish Police violated the Constitutional Law in handling Falun Gong practitioners and Protesters in favour of Tibet´s independence.

The Judicial Investigation Commission reached their verdict. They announced that the responsibility lies with Copenhagen Police Department and the victims should be compensated.

The first round of hearings began in 2016,many former ministers of Denmark,and the head of the State Department,including police officers,were questioned. All in all 70 people.

Former Foreign Secretary Villy Sovndal and Danish Security and Intelligence Director Jakob Scharf were also among those being questioned. The high ranks, the amount of the officials involved, and the attention it generated was unprecedented.

Danish Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen announced on June 4, 2018, that the “Police´s Unconstitutional Case” was not necessary to reopen for continued investigation.

However, the situation underwent a dramatic reversal three days later. A Press Release was issued on June 7. During a regular server inspection at the National Police Department,they found a large number of email files related to the case.

Anders, the chairman of “Support Tibet Committee,” said; According to the report of “ The Judicial Investigation Commission”, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs felt an atmosphere of great pressure during the CCP officials visit, “It must be successful, there is no room for error.”

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Bao was one of the victims taken by the police at the demonstration site.

She was incarcerated three years and was persecuted for her belief while in China.

Facing the Danish Police action, she immediately realized who was behind that.

She said:“Why did they take us away then? It was the CCP’s pressure on the Danish government. The CCP did not want to see Falun Gong practitioners and their messages to the world.”

The Judicial Investigation Commission published their investigation report on December 18, 2017.

The report stated that responsibility lies with the Copenhagen Police Department and two mid level police officers should be reprimanded.

Espersen, Danish People’s Party diplomatic spokesperson. stated: “It´s a disgrace that this kind of event took place in Denmark.”

“I don’t believe this was initiated by ordinary police officers. This is why we are trying to figure out why.”

He said:“The CCP coerced not only Danmark but many other countries as well.”

“They can’t mess up the US or Russia,but they can mess up small countries who they think they can predominate.”

“It has been way too many times that the CCP coerced us to do what they wanted.” “The CCP decides who we should or should not see.”

Congressman Kenneth Kristensen Berth said:”I think we are more aware of how precious and important the freedom of speech is. It cannot be interfered with and obstructed.”

“You will never see this situation occur again in Denmark” The victims of the “Danish Police´s Unconstitutional Case” will be compensated with 20,000 Danish Krone each for their suffering.

The Judicial Investigation Commission restarted the investigation after the newly discovered emails, and will conduct a thorough investigation.


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